SmartStart selects high potential emerging and growing businesses and accelerates these through mentorship, executive development and angel investment through the SmartStart syndicated angel network.


Business angel syndicates are formed by groups of high net worth individuals pooling smaller amounts of finance to fund start-up companies at an earlier stage than capital funds typically invest.

Angel investors bring funds, experience and network to new and emerging businesses with global potential. In growing markets, innovations with great teams could potentially return 2.5 times their initial investment within a 5 year period.

-- syndication --

Syndication brings multiple angels together to provide the resources required by one company. Smartstart act as investment managers negotiating termsheets and preparing a due-diligence report for angels.

As investment managers we work with the investee to determine the amount of financing needed to help the company achieve milestones and a fundraising plan to hit the target amount required.

training & support

SmartStart provides a series of workshops and modules for new angel investors on building a diversified portfolio, investing in syndicates, company valuation and more topics that help grow and develop the knowledge and experience of syndicate members.

Deal flow

Our angels have access to deals across our international network of startups and can co invest with any of the syndicates in the SmartStart network.

Our dealflow and startup management tools leave angels access to each deals and due diligence data on any startup in the network.

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access to deals

SmartStart angel syndicates gets dealflow from it’s SmartBase and SmartStart clients thus ensuring that investable clients have been qualified, vetted and are in long-term relationships with the organisation.

This relationship loop ensures sustainable, qualified dealflow. For information on access to deals, syndication and investor training and support apply.


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“The experience and network these guys bring to the new and emerging businesses and their teams has had me realise returns 2.5 times of my initial investment within a 5 year period.”

John Hughes,

“The experience the understanding and commercial focus the team bring really does super-charge the start up.”

Pat Byrne,