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Pioneering Digital Engagement
Communicate seamlessly and securely via your own broadcast platform
The Future is Visual – Secure enterprise communication on a global scale.
Interactive ‘context-aware’ data driven content.
Capture, edit, enhance and distribute video in ‘real-time’ globally.
Agile, Rapid Response – Interact with & respond immediately to breaking news, digital communication and events with your own branded HD quality content, managed through your own compliance process. Take control of your own digital engagement.
A New Paradigm for Video – Dynamically shape your visual culture. Interact and respond to media, social news, staff, management & clients within minutes. Localized video with real-time data driven rendering.

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For the first time, organisations are now able to deliver a truly agile global communication solution, which can reach their audience anytime, on any device, worldwide – in minutes. This ability to respond instantly to events as they happen and to be able to communicate to an internal or external audience, anywhere in the world – is a radical new paradigm in the world of global communications


Using a sophisticated multi-layer video and media platform, Secure Broadcast helps organisations easily create, manage and distribute branded HD video content to customers, stakeholders, employees, News and Social Media. Security of an organisation’s media content is the highest priority. Secure Broadcast supports Military Grade technology ensuring the safe transfer and storage of all digital content. Security has been integrated into every aspect of the architecture on top of that every human interaction has been considered and protected. A tiered approach to authorization restricts and provides a lock-down of information. All content uploaded to the system is encrypted with SSL/TLS while in transit and with AES-256 when stored in a secure digital vault.

Market opportunity

As individuals we’re creating and consuming more video than ever before. What we watch and how we watch it is changing. To keep pace, organisations are discovering the power of video to engage with their audiences but security and the need to control video assets remain paramount. Secure Broadcast recognises that management require complete control over digital media. We enable corporates with complex communication needs build stronger stakeholder engagements, enhance their brand propositions and strengthen their relationships. Control of all internal and external media distribution is seamless, mobile, fast and secure.

Recent achievements

Industry awards, presented to Google, Musk Brothers, level39.
Just awarded Innovation Award 2017 (pharmaceutical industry)

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