SmartInvest graduation capital will guide its portfolio companies from inception, through R&D, international market penetration, and fundraising SmartStart mentorship, advice and Venture Capital investment.

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Focused on market transforming technological innovation where that technology is employed to disrupt of further enable any market. Our model works because we provide active mentorship and guidance.

We have active in-company roles for individual LPs or their representatives in guidance and support. We have a shared passion and strength in our communities with an ability to work across geographies and cultures. Conception to exit world class processes in-depth knowledge of our qualified deal-flow.

Entrepreneurship Training

Through its Basecamp program, provides an idea germination and business development to entrepreneurs: engages with entrepreneurs very early in their business life cycles, creating the pipeline for SmartStart investment.

Angel Investment & Mentorship

Provides mentorship and advice to entrepreneurs; provides investment through an angel investor and angel syndicate network developed through three decades of experience; provides qualified deal flow to SmartInvest.

Series A Venture

Provides graduation capital from limited partners for pre-qualified long term relationships developed through the proprietary Smart Investment Process and screened through a rigorous and proprietary vetting process that uses more than 50 data points.

Peace of Mind

World class processes. From idea conception through Exit. In-depth knowledge of our qualified deal-flow. Global reach & world class team with hands-on involvement & mentorship. Established embedded value.


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Med-Device & Health Care


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Internet of Things


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