SmartInvest graduation capital will guide its portfolio companies from inception, through R&D, international market penetration, and fundraising SmartStart mentorship, advice and Venture Capital investment.


We look for ambitious teams with strong growth potential, demonstrable early market success and those seeking expansions into European and/or US markets. Our portfolio contains pre assessed and proven early stage ventures in high growth sectors:


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Med-Device & Health Care


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Internet Securities


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Internet of Things


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access to capital

To support through capital investment the growth strategies of U.S. based companies seeking to expand into Europe and other world markets through Ireland & Irish, and other European and other global companies, that are seeking to expand through the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

We have a keen interest in companies that use technology to disrupt markets and industries; who have management teams that mirrors the Smart team in terms of integrity and commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit; and who have fulfilled the expectations of the Smart process.

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Portfolio Companies

mentor & support

Provides graduation capital from limited partners for pre-qualified long term relationships developed through the proprietary Smarts’ Investment Process and screened through a rigorous and proprietary vetting process that uses more than 50 data points. We believe in the power of our global nature; leveraging the combined economic platforms in the U.S. and Ireland; and other global economic engines such as Israel, where we have representation.

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