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HUB Controls Ltd. Focuses on developing technologies that save consumers money on their utility bills such as gas, oil, electricity, telecoms and water.

HUB Controls is an award-winning tech start-up in the energy management/home automation sector. Their first product, a next-generation smart thermostat called the Household Utility Bill (HUB) Controller, was launched in November 2016.

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We believe that you, and only you, should be in control of your bills. Our aim is to be the gateway between the home and the energy market and to create the first smart home that is smart enough to control its own bills.


The HUB Controller is built for installers, designed for customers. It is the first smart thermostat on the market that can installed without additional wires, allowing for a 5-minute install. It’s also the first smart thermostat that incorporates a smart meter function. Allowing consumers to monitor their energy spend in real time. With this feature, customers can set budgets on how much they spend on their heating.

Market Opportunity

The Smart Thermostat market is projected to grow from 2.4m units in 2017 to 15 million units by 2020. Even then, smart thermostats will have achieved only 5% household penetration. Our ultimate customers are the 214 million householders in the EU; however, our route-to-market leverages our team’s longstanding relationships with the 850,000 Merchant Trade customers and their 10 million installers.

Recent Achievements

Backed by Enterprise Ireland, HUB Controls have won several top awards including the Bank of Ireland Start-up of the year in 2016, the IDI Irish Design Awards Consumer Product of the Year 2016 & Consumer choice awards. HUB has massive traction with Utility companies, Trade Merchants, Retail Merchants, DIY Retailers, large online retailers, Energy Sector players, ICT players and New York developers.

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