SmartInvest Ventures Announce New Initiatives

SmartInvest Ventures Announce New Initiatives: Completion of SPARK1.0

Immediate Plans to Launch SPARK2.0: Delaware Investors Benefit


WILMINGTON, Delaware, July 18, 2017 SmartInvest Ventures (“SmartInvest”), an international venture capital firm, announced today the successful completion of the Spark1.0 Challenge. SmartInvest, through the SPARK Challenge, selects and nurtures entrepreneurial talent and their innovative ideas into viable businesses. Held in Wilmington, DE, eleven early stage companies participated in the intense mentoring sessions held at The Mill, a co-working community and innovation hub in downtown Wilmington in three sessions in April, May, and June. A “Life’s a Pitch” screening event, held in early 2017, identified suitable start-ups in the earliest stages of development to participate in SPARK1.0. It has proven so successful that plans are currently underway for a second “Life’s a Pitch” event on September 25th, with the second SPARK2.0 Challenge scheduled for October.


Within three sessions, the experiential learning style of the experience had the group of talented entrepreneurs brimming with enthusiasm. “We are learning and doing, not just sitting in a classroom,” said Jimmy Jannuzzio, an entrepreneur seeking SmartInvest advice for his BookBandit app, which received $50,000 in angel investment following his SPARK1.0 experience.


SmartInvest sees synergies between the economic recovery of Ireland in the 1990s and the current economic woes facing the state of Delaware, which the company feels can be mitigated through public private partnerships.


Gerry Moan, Founding Partner at SmartInvest say, “The historic large company economy of Delaware is changing rapidly. We see tremendous opportunity to ignite the investment community here in Delaware by using the same public-private partnership approach that has been so successful, for example, in re-energizing the Irish economy over the last several years. We know that our vetted, intensive hands-on process works well.”


SmartVenture’s process for moving companies from concept to business has a strong history of success. With $2BN in asset management experience among the partners, SmartInvest, the company’s VC fund, takes on technologies that are developed to disrupt a market. SmartInvest is now in its second phase of fundraising.


SmartInvest Ventures will be hosting the next SPARK2.0 Challenge in September and October of 2017 at the same location in Wilmington, DE.


About SmartInvest Ventures

SmartInvest Ventures (“SmartInvest”) is an international company that has transformed deal flow in a fundamental way.


Through SmartBase (Experiential Mentoring and Education), SmartStart (Angel Funding) and SmartInvest (existing VC Fund), SmartInvest Ventures will guide companies, from the spot where they begin, to their best endgame, providing all aspects of support – finance, HR, legal, marketing, reporting, budgeting.


The company’s world class board, partners, and advisors include John Bruton, former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland and Board Chair Dr. Allen Sangines-Krause, a global finance executive first with Goldman and now with his own world class $2Bn+ private equity firm. The General Partners Group has over $2BN in asset management experience. SmartInvest’s track record in fund management and start-ups is entirely due to the proprietary process the company employs to become deeply hands-on. It is quite simply, an ecosystem for discovery and startup, with true global reach, expressed in the global background of the hand-picked Board of Directors, and Advisory board. This mentorship approach is embedded in the company’s credo, is non-negotiable, and is reflected in the impressive track record they have assembled over the last 10 years.


It is SmartInvest’s global platform, an early and steady hands-on approach to its entrepreneurs, and the multi-disciplinary expertise of the SmartInvest team that proves successful over time.


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